A Smart Irrigation System to make gardening a breeze

We are here to help make farming easier

With hydrOS preloaded onto your HydroCore operating unit, controlling and checking on your irrigation is easier than it has ever been before.

About HydroSoil

High Performance

The state-of-the-art processor in the HydroCore means that controlling irrigation is a fast, simple and efficient process.

Fully Configurable

Every aspect of the HydroCore is able to be personalised to how you need it, from the plant/crop types, irrigation mode and weather location.

Powerful Valves

The powerful & robust valves built in to the HydroCore Valve board are the latest technology and can respond in an instant on command of the HydroCore.

Connects to phone app

The HydroSoil App allows you to check up on your irrigation system without even getting out of your seat, and even works from wherever you are.

Control from anywhere with the HydroSoil App

Available now on the iOS App Store

The HydroSoil App can be downloaded on your smartphone and easily linked to the HydroCore, allowing for easy controlling and checking on your irrigation system, with even push notification alerts.

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John Appleseed

The HydroSoil system has simplified my agricultural life and allows me to be confident about my crops on the go with the easy to navigate app.

Jane Doe

HydroSoil iOS connectivity is brilliant! My phone seamlessly connects to my HydroCore allowing full control from anywhere!

Fredd Bloggs

The Smart Irrigation Solution that I have purchased now makes watering my veggie patch a breeze, who knew gardening could be so simple?

Kevin Lill

This system has had such a positive impact, not only am I using less water, but I don't have to worry about watering with this system!

Tereka O'Bon

HydroSoil is a highly intuitive and capable system that has no faults and is perfect for any budding gardener or agricultural specialist.

Xavier Banks

Life is now much simpler with this, I don't have to worry one bit about anything to do with my garden, only when to pick off my amazing produce!

No, you do not need the HydroSoil app. You can control everything from the HydroCore but the HydroSoil app gives you the ease of being able to do it from anywhere as well as push notifications for alerts.
Yes, hydrOS lets you connect unlimited HydroUnit's to your HydroCore but you will need to purchase zone expansion boards which allow you to connect more irrigation plumbing to the system for control.
Your home internet connection needs to reach the HydroCore wherever you choose to place it, for best results just outside of your house. The HydroCore has strong boost antennas to make the signal reach the HydroUnit's and you can also purcahse more boost antennas to place around for an even better connection or more reach.
Yes, all HydroSoil products are eligible for free software updates for the hydrOS software running on them. Simply go to Settings > Software Updates on the HydroCore to update it and connected HydroUnit's if required too.