HydroSoil was founded in 2020 on the belief that farming could be more accessible. Blake Tourneur and Lachlan Miegel have taken something minimal, a Soil Measurer, and made it into a usable product for farmers. The prototype has 6 HydroUnits connected via Wi-Fi to a HydroCore that allows a farmer to know when a plant needs watering seamlessly. That information is based on the weather and soil moisture level. A solenoid valve then turns on a tap and allows an individual crop to be watered. The mobile phone app allows a farmer to control it from their device. The name HydroSoil comes from the hydration that the soil will receive. The slogan is Smart Irrigation Solutions since that is what this product does. The logo is a plant in the earth; Lachlan Miegel designed it in Adobe Illustrator, a program which Lachlan had to learn. It is intended to be optimised for an iOS-style logo.

Blake Tourneur has created the coding for the HydroCore of this product, design in Visual Studio. Blake also built a prototype of the HydroCore and made the code for the HydroUnit in the Arduino App, so it connects to the HydroCore. Lachlan Miegel created sketches and has started to build the iOS app in XCode SwiftUI. He made the CAD for the HydroCore and HydroUnit casings, as well as design sketches. He also made the logos and other graphical designs for HydroSoil. This project has been a team effort by Blake Tourneur and Lachlan Miegel.